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ascii roguelike library in rust with native and wasm support


Build Status Documentation License: MIT

Ascii roguelike library in rust with native and wasm support. Uses the uni-gl and uni-app crates from the unrust game engine.


+ [x] GLSL renderer
+ [x] RGBA, RGB and greyscale fonts
+ [x] mouse input
+ [x] keyboard input
+ [x] subcell resolution
+ [x] PNG image blitting
+ [x] unicode support
+ [x] screenshots


Visual demo
Basic real-time walking @
Performance test
Fonts demo
Unicode demo
Console blitting demo
Image blitting demo
Subcell resolution demo
Transparent console demo
Text input demo



Check the examples and documentation for more information.


Change the path variable in examples/Cargo.toml to select an example.

Compile the demo with

wasm-pack build examples

This creates a wasm package in examples/pkg

Run the demo with

cd www
npm install
npm run start

Open your browser at http://localhost:8080/


This code is released under the MIT license.


You can contribute to this library through pull requests. If you do so, please update the and files. If you provide a new feature, consider adding an example as a tutorial/showcase.